thursday thoughts.

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1. My heart has been heavy since last Friday. I've been praying for Newtown and like everyone else, I just don't understand. 

2. Nebraska got hit with a blizzard last night, and we fly in on Saturday. It's truly going to be a white Christmas this year!

3. I'm addicted to chai tea lattes this holiday season, and I just can't stop. 

4. I made these peppermint oreo truffles for a holiday party last weekend and oh my. All the balls!

5. I have "work out" on my Google calendar every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 6:15am, and I've never actually gone to the gym four times in one week - like, ever. BUT it might happen! I've been dedicated this week, and I just have to do it one more time tomorrow morning!

6. My favorite breakfast as of late: avocado toast. Do it!

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

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