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I spent the better part of Sunday afternoon doing a little a coding on the blog. Yes, HMTL coding. Who am I?

Here are a few things that I added to the blog. I hope you find them helpful!

A "pin it" button now appears at the top of each post. While most of you might have the pinmarklet button added to your browsers for easy pinning, this gives you another option to pin content from my blog. Happy pinning, friends!

Additionally, I added social media buttons to the right sidebar. I believe Wordpress has a plug-in for this feature, but Blogger does not. It was a fairly easy process (just very involved), and I'm glad they are up and running. Tweet/like/follow/email me!

If you blog using Blogspot/Blogger and are interested in knowing how I did either of these features, let me know. I'd be happy to pass along the information and instructions to you. 

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