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Life has been ca-razy lately. Remind why I love event planning so much...please! I have a huge fundraiser/gala coming up in two weeks for work, and it's consuming my entire life. But hey, I really do enjoy it and feel blessed - so I can't complain too much. :)

With work as hectic as it is, I almost forgot that Foodbuzz is here! I won't be attending any of Friday's events (besides picking up my registration goodies over my lunch break!), but I will be at the Tasting Pavilion and the dinner at the California Academy of Sciences on Saturday...with Evan. Yes! Foodbuzz is allowing plus ones this year, so I signed up Evan - he's pretty excited to meet all the wonderful bloggers I talk about on a daily basis (while acting like I actually know them - it's odd, I suppose!).

Anyway, if you're going to Foodbuzz and happen to see me - please say hello! And if you need any San Francisco recommendations while you're in town, let me know! 

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