wine-poached scallops.

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Psst - the giveaway winners of the Full Circle produce delivery box were comments #1, #3 and #9 (Maria, Beth and Sara). Thanks to everyone who entered!

So! How was your holiday weekend? Mine validated my feelings toward three-day weekends...they indeed are wonderful. 

We went to the Stanford football game Friday night, cheered on our Huskers via television on Saturday (hello, T. Martinez!), grabbed coffee Sunday morning and went for a walk, sipped on sangria Sunday evening while watching sailboats on the bay, went for a run on Monday and walked around Burlingame. It was a FULL weekend, and I loved every minute.

And now here we are, back to the grind. But tomorrow's already Thursday, so that's a plus! 

Now let's talk about scallops. Before this delicious recipe entered my life, I had only two encounters with scallops. Number one being a frozen pasta/baby scallop dish from Trader Joe's roughly two years ago, and the second being bacon-wrapped scallops at a friend's rehearsal dinner back in May. Seriously, bacon wrapped in anything is delicious. I didn't hate either dish, but you know how I am about cooking seafood!

But I did it; I gave in. Maybe it was the fact that the scallops were to be cooked in wine or that I know how much my dear husband loves seafood (I must stop denying him his favorite food!). Whatever the reason, I cooked scallops! And I ate them! And I liked them!

I followed this recipe from Real Simple but cut it in half, and it served the two of us.

So now I've cooked salmon and scallops...I believe shrimp is up next! I'm thinking on the grill...

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