sausalito, california.

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I mentioned a couple weeks ago that Evan and I recently spent a Saturday afternoon in Sausalito. Just a thirty-minute ferry ride from SF, Sausalito seems worlds away. I fell in love with its charm and can't stop thinking about it!

Beautiful homes on the hill greeted us when we first arrived. Yes, I do believe I could live in one of those homes. Any of them, really, I'm not picky!

We had a mission when we stepped off the ferry...find Lighthouse, as it had rave reviews on Yelp for its breakfast menu! I rolled with two eggs, bacon, homefries, one raspberry pancake and wheat toast. Pretty much dominated it! Evan had an omelet that was, at the very least, three inches thick. Seriously, why is breakfast food so delicious?!

After breakfast, we wandered around and stumbled upon a dog park. We then proceeded to sit on a bench in the dog park and watch the dogs. Without a dog. We don't even own a dog (we want one so badly though!). Creepy? Maybe just a little...

It got to be around 3pm, so clearly I was craving wine. We stopped into Real Napa for a quick tasting - three tastes for $5. And then? Oh, and then Evan suggested ice cream. I really do love that man! I had two flavors: cinnamon caramel and pecan praline. What a perfect combination.

And finally, we hopped on the ferry and came back home. It was such a beautiful day. I love, love, love walking around and holding my husband's hand. It's cheesy, I know. But it's one of those little blessings for which I'm extremely grateful.

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