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When I really like something, I tend to get obsessive.

For example, last night I first heard "Ho Hey" from The Lumineers (yes, I must live under a rock when it comes to "hip" music these days). I then proceeded to listen to it no less than 74 times last night. This is the honest truth. Have you heard it and do you love it? 

Another obsession...fall. Specifically, scents that remind me of fall.

We had this candle going all day on Sunday, and I found myself falling asleep to this glorious scent and the faint sound of football coming from the television. It was pure bliss. PS - it's a cheap candle from Target...like a quarter of the price of a Yankee Candle! Win.

Evan and I hardly drink pop (soda?), but when we do, it's Hansen's all the way. 

We love their mandarin lime flavor but recently discovered this Key Lime Twist. It's so refreshing!

Remember that amazing breakfast I blogged about from Lighthouse in Sausalito? They had the best hot sauce I've ever tasted.

I love hot sauce. All of it. But I love it even more when there's actual flavor involved and not just the spicy factor (but trust me, the spicier, the better in my book). Anyway, This Original California Style Hot Pepper Sauce from The Pepper Plant is. so. darn. amazing. Evan spotted it when we were at Whole Foods over the weekend and was so pumped. I've been putting it on everything - burritos, eggs, soup, whatever!

Are you obsessing over anything in particular these days?!

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