laurent miquel chardonnay.

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So it's Friday - woohoo! Any exciting plans for the weekend? We're heading to the Stanford/Duke football game tomorrow night...should be fun!

I thought tonight would be a great night to post another wine review. Wine and the weekend. They were made for each other!

We had this bottle of Laurent Miquel 2010 Chardonnay a couple weekends ago. We grilled some chicken sausage and corn-on-the-cob, so we thought a smooth chardonnay would pair well with and complete this summer meal. We were right!

Some chardonnays are rather sharp, but really good ones (to me) are so buttery and smooth. I'd say that this wine was in the middle - it was smooth but the flavor was rather neutral. It was good, don't get me wrong! Its mild flavor meant it was easy to sip - with or without food. We're big red wine drinkers, but we both enjoyed this bottle! 

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