Airplane Snacks [NatureBox]

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I'm still adjusting to the real world after a wonderful vacation down in San Diego. Evan and I left last Wednesday for sunny SD to spend four days with his family in an adorable house two blocks from the beach. Evan's brother, Tai, got married - so we had a lovely excuse to take a much-needed vacation! We returned late Sunday night and it was back-to-the-grind on Monday.

I still haven't fully unpacked yet, and there's still laundry to do...but my evenings have officially been taken over by all the television show premieres! I can't even handle the excitement. Last night I watched The Mindy Project and Vegas - loved them both!

Anyway, back to the fabulous vacation. Even though it was a quick flight down to San Diego (just an hour!), I packed some snacks for us. Is it just me or does anyone else have to eat something while flying?

NatureBox was the snack of choice for our latest flight! You know how some bloggers are like "my friends at blah-blah-company sent me some samples" - right? Well, I actually do have a very sweet friend who works for NatureBox. Molly and I met at Foodbuzz last year and have become great friends. We're actually sorority sisters (go, Chi Omega!), and our husbands attend/attended graduate school at Stanford. Fun little connections!

Anyway, Molly asked if I'd be interested in trying NatureBox, and I just couldn't resist trying some new snacks. I'm a snacky person, it's true. NatureBox delivers healthy snacks straight to your door - it's a fun monthly subscription service. And when I say "healthy,"  I mean NatureBox snacks have no HFCS, no trans fats, no partially hydrogenated oils, and no artificial colors/sweeteners/flavors. That makes me happy!

The Umami Roasted Nuts and Big Island Pineapple were perfect plane snacks (and healthy too!). I polished off the Toasted Sesame Stix the first night I received the snacks - oops! 

Don't worry - you'll soon have a chance to try NatureBox, so stay tuned. :)

I received these snacks from NatureBox, but my opinons are my own (as always!). 

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