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Friends. I am so excited to share this post with you. As you may have noticed, my weekly CSA posts have been a bit MIA over the past few months. Evan and I were still enjoying our regular one at Stanford up until June, but life was so hectic that I just didn't have time to feature it on the blog. 

I was sad to leave behind our CSA in the suburbs but was also excited to find a similar program in San Francisco. I didn't have to look far because at the end of June, Full Circle reached out to me. They asked if I'd be willing to try their delivery program for a few weeks, as they just launched in the Bay Area. Um, yes!

Today we received our third shipment of produce - all locally and organically grown here in Northern California. They actually list the farm where each item came from on a sheet right inside the box.  

Here's the loot!

Heirloom tomatoes - 4
Lettuce - 1 head
Chard - 1 (large!) bunch
Carrots - 7
Broccoli - 2 stalks
Potatoes - 3
Cucumber - 1
Green Beans - 3/4 lb. 
Peaches - 3
Plums - 6
Pluots - 6
Honeydew melon - 1

Full Circle offers a variety of sizes for their boxes. We've been getting the "medium/large" box, which costs $31.95 (the second highest in cost). I listed the amount we received of each fruit/vegetable to give you an idea of how much produce is included for the price. 

Check out those heirloom tomatoes. Gorgeous, right?!

I'm currently making a soup right now that uses some of this week's veggies, plus an onion and some celery from last week (we were in Nebraska last weekend, so we haven't used all of last week's produce quite yet!). Can't wait to share this soup recipe with you...soon, I promise! 

I received a trial membership to Full Circle, but all opinions are my own. As always!

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