2009 Baker Lane Pinot Noir

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Here's a fun fact: Evan and I drink wine almost every night. We've always enjoyed wine, but our interest in it grew once we moved to Northern California. Since we're so close to Napa and Sonoma, we feel like we must support our local economy. Ha!

Truly though, we love discovering new wines. It's such a thrill opening a new bottle and taking the first sip. We absolutely are not seasoned wine connoisseurs! But we do feel like we're getting better about describing the taste and experience of wine. Practice makes perfect, right?

There are many, many wine blogs out there...but I feel like most of them are pretentious or super intimidating.What about wine reviews for the average person? For those of us in our 20s that can't afford $90 bottles of wine? I decided that since we enjoy wine so often, I should blog about it. It's my hope that you'll find these wine posts helpful and be inspired to try new wine!

Our wonderful friends, Sarah and David, gave us this bottle of wine when they stayed with us back in July: 2009 Baker Lane Pinot Noir. We finally opened it this week and are now wondering why it took us so long. In short, it's delicious. 

This pinot noir has a very thick/big mouthfeel, and is very smooth. Evan and I both picked up on a touch of earthiness and enjoyed a little kick at the end. Very robust. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed this wine!

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