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Gosh, today is such a great day. The Masters started today, and I am a happy girl! You might remember from last year that this golf tournament is pretty much my favorite sporting event. Ever. 

On top of that, I tried a new yogurt and loved it! Am I only the person who gets super excited about trying new foods and products? I know I can't be!

Better Whey of Life contacted me a few weeks ago about trying their Greek yogurt. Right now it's only available in five states, California being one of them. If you're in Northern California, be sure to look for it in Whole Foods. 

Full disclosure: I was sent coupons to try the yogurt - my opinions are completely my own.

Unfortunately, the Whole Foods in Palo Alto only carried the plain flavor. With flavors like Blackberry Pomegranate, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry Goji Berry, Raspberry White Grape, and Acai Mixed Berry - well, I was a little sad to miss out on those!

The plain was great though...very, very tart! I added some granola, chia seeds and honey - a great combination. 

Now I must get back to watching The Masters!

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