Two Firsts

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Happy Spring, everyone! We're enjoying a sunny day here in Palo Alto, so it definitely feels like spring!

Two things happened today when I went to pick up our CSA organic produce - both marking the first of the season. I do believe it's only fitting that we received two special treats to mark the official start of this beautiful season.

Number one:

Bright red strawberries. I love California!

Flowers! As you may recall, Evan is in charge of ordering our CSA produce every week. Last year he started adding on an order of freshly-cut flowers. It's always a lovely surprise when I get to our pick-up location and find a bouquet of flowers with our name on it!

Evan and I going to head out on a run now (we're thinking four miles) - then I believe wine is on the agenda for this evening. I got some great news at work yesterday (seriously, I l-0-v-e my job), and Evan's making progress on his job hunt. 

Oh, yes. Evan graduates in June and is currently applying for jobs! This is such an exciting time for the both of us, and we're anxious to see how everything works out. Life has been hectic, which is why I've been a little MIA. But in all honestly, I really can't complain. We're so blessed!

Have a great night!

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