Cupcake Celebration

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Friends. I turn 25 - twenty five! - on March 11 (Sunday). My "early twenties" are basically over. Um, how did that happen?

Anyway, we've been celebrating "birthweek" all week long, and it's been fabulous! Evan is making me feel quite special. I really do love that man.

Presents have also been arriving on my doorstep from friends, my parents and my in-laws. I am so, so blessed!

But do you know what else is making me feel special? Free cupcakes!

I love-love-love supporting local businesses, but I'm not sorry about this confession: Sprinkles makes the best cupcakes. Ever. 

They also give away free cupcakes everyday - you just have to say the mystery word that they share on Facebook and Twitter.

I had to head to Stanford Shopping Center earlier this afternoon to cash in a Victoria's Secret gift card (one of said presents above) - and knew I'd also be able to snag a cupcake!

Today they were giving away a chocolate cupcake with caramel frosting sprinkled with fleur de sel (and apparently topped with a random dragonfly? - not so sure about that!). ANYWAY, it rocked. 

But I'm not selfish, so I bought a mocha cupcake for Evan. See? I'm also nice to him!

We devoured the cupcakes right after dinner (chicken curry!), and we loved every single bite. There is so much frosting on Sprinkles cupcakes - definitely top heavy!

I hope you've been having a great week. The weekend is almost here!

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