Perfect Presidents' Day

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Hello! I am just loving my day off from work. Happy Presidents' Day!

Evan and I started the day with a little walk to grab breakfast.

That, my friends, is a toasted chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese from Izzy's Brooklyn Bagels. I know.

We had to stop at Zombie Runner to grab lattes - they are the best! I chugged big deal!

Evan has a major project due in a few weeks, so he met up with his group to work on it. I decided to kill some time (and money!) and headed to Target.

Of course I got everything on my list + random things. What is it about Target that makes you spend money like you have it? Anyway, I am excited about the notebooks and planner that I got - yay for organization! AND they were on clearance, so double win. 

I just finished downloading Glee the Music: Volume 4 and plan to listen to it on my run later this afternoon. 

Can every weekend be a three-day weekend? Please?!

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