Kale Salad

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It's 10:30pm and way past my bedtime. Have I ever mentioned that I love sleeping? Like a lot? Because I do! 

We've started a new ritual in the mornings: I sleep in just a bit longer than normal, and Evan brings my coffee into the bedroom and sets the mug on my nightstand. I'm literally sipping coffee before I even get out of bed. It. Is. Glorious.

I should confess that this really has to do with the fact that Evan has been getting up pretty darn early in the mornings. The end is in sight for the Winter Quarter at Stanford, so he's busy-busy with a group project and a couple gigs with start-ups. While I feel bad that he's putting in 18-hour days, I kind of like the new morning ritual. I'm selfish, I know!

So when he was out doing his engineering thing last weekend, I was enjoying light and healthy meals like this kale salad:

Kale is tough and bitter but after a bit massaging, it turns into a delicious leafy green!

I used about two cups of curly kale and drizzled olive oil and lemon juice over the bite-sized leaves. I then massaged the kale with my hands for a few minutes. It will transform before your eyes!

Next I added in a clementine, carrots and sunflower seeds and then poured a simple vinaigrette over the salad: olive oil, lemon juice, honey, salt and pepper. 

Simple, healthy and delicious! 

Now I really must head to bed. Good night (or rather, good morning for most of you reading this)!

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