Angry Appendix

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Oh, friends. Let me tell you about these past few days. Excitement in the food department has been lacking around The Granola Chronicles household. Basics like popsicles, mashed potatoes, and ginger ale have been all the rage. 

You see...someone is recovering from surgery.

ET phone home! Just kidding - that's Evan. My dear husband had terrible abdominal pain Thursday evening. It kept getting worse and worse, so he went to the ER. What do you know? He had appendicitis! Luckily they caught it early on, so it hadn't ruptured. Thank goodness.

Poor guy had an appendectomy done on Friday afternoon. We're happy to say that everything went well though - yay!

I suppose he was in good hands! That's the perk to living in Palo Alto... there are great doctors. :)

So here's a little PSA for the day...listen to your body! Evan knew the pain wasn't normal and had a feeling something just wasn't right. Take care of yourself, please!

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