Splendid Saturday

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I know I rarely share intimate details of my life here on this blog, so Friday's post was definitely out of the norm. I cannot thank you enough for your sweet comments, tweets and messages. More importantly, thank you for keeping the families of Phil and Nancy in your prayers. It truly means so much.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day spent with Evan. For breakfast he made a delicious egg and potato scramble topped with salsa and Greek yogurt - a great start to the weekend!

We went to the Stanford Women's Basketball game yesterday afternoon. They're currently ranked #4 in the country and were playing their big rival, Cal (Berkeley). It went into overtime, and the Cardinal won!

We decided to go to church last night, so we could relax this morning. Evan and I found an amazing church in our area, and we both just love it so much. It's a great feeling.

We came home and made my latest obsession. I just can't help myself!

We finished the day with a little Pinot Noir and Scrabble. I am so, so blessed.

I think we're going for a hike later today; it's gorgeous outside. Do you have any fun plans for today?!

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