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I do believe it's high time for a CSA produce post. The last CSA post was on December 6th...but who's keeping track? Between a three-week vacation in Nebraska and neglecting my blog for a few weeks, I'm beyond excited to share this week's local, organic produce with you.

Here's the group shot:

Leafy greens and citrus seem to be the theme this week.

Kale and rainbow chard...

Carrots, broccoli and satsumas (aka: tangerines)...

Green cabbage, red potatoes, apples and oranges...

And some baby spinach - can't wait to make smoothies!

Do you know what I love about CSA produce?

Branches and leaves! Ok, not exactly those things, but the fact that this produce came straight from the farm...and you can see it. There's dirt. Water, branches, leaves! Sometimes there are even bugs. And I love it. 

I know I've asked this question before, but I also know there are some new you belong to a CSA?

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