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I've been gravitating toward comfort food this past week. My heart has been heavy and my emotions all over the place. Isn't it funny how certain foods can truly comfort us?

Last week a brave man I knew from college made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. He was killed in action in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber. He was 25. Twenty five. He was supposed to come home next week. I can't stop thinking about his wife and what she must be feeling right now. It truly makes me sick to my stomach. My heart is hurting for his entire family.

This morning a very, very dear family friend lost her battle with cancer. While I know she is done suffering, the news is still very hard to digest. Cancer sucks.

I am finding comfort in prayers. A lot of them to be exact.

And I suppose it becomes clear as to why I've been craving comfort food. 

Have you heard about the three ingredient tomato sauce? It's literally just canned tomatoes, butter and an onion. The ultimate comfort food.

Exactly what I needed. 

Hug your friends. Call your parents. Give thanks for your blessings. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. 

And eat all the comfort food you can. 

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