Sunchoke Season

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Apparently it is sunchoke season here in Northern California!

Yowzah! That's a lot of sunchokes (aka: Jerusalem artichokes). It's a good thing Evan and I can't get enough of them.

We received a lot of great produce in this week's CSA produce box. Here's what accompanied the sunchokes:

Carrots and celery...

Kale and two heads of cabbage. Seriously, two! I love adding a boatload of cabbage to veggie soups, so I have a feeling a big ol' pot of that comforting goodness is in my future.

For fruit, we received apples, clementines and kiwi. Delicious!

We also got some cauliflower and red potatoes - definitely one of the best boxes we've received.

Are there any fall/winter vegetables you just can't get enough of right now?

Besides sunchokes, I'm also loving sweet potatoes. I could eat one!

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