Vitamin C Overdose

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Hey! I can't explain how excited I was to pick up this week's CSA produce box. I'm feeling a bit under the weather, so fresh fruit and vegetables never looked so good!

And after an indulgent holiday weekend? Yes, bring on the fresh produce.

I dug into a kiwi right away. Between that and raspberry Emergen-C, I've been overdosing on Vitamin C...and it tastes delicious.

We also received apples and a ton of plums - I think like 7 of them!

Unfortunately, I was only able to photograph the onions and broccoli before I got a bit dizzy and had to head to the couch and snuggle in for a good nap. The other vegetables went undocumented: baby spinach, rainbow chard, carrots, yams and potatoes. 

I work in a building that hundreds of children visit every day, so I guess it was about time I got sick. I'm hoping a good night's sleep will be all I need. And ice cream. Lots of Peppermint Joe Joe's Ice Cream from Trader Joe's. 

Fingers crossed! 

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