Organic Treats

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Well, apparently I won the debate. The center of a cinnamon roll must be saved for last! Thanks to everyone who chimed in!


I apologize for skipping my normal CSA post last week but don't worry...this week totally makes up for it.

Sure, we received some of the usual suspects...

Like carrots...

And some apples and pears - nothing too out of the ordinary.

But wait!

Looks pretty scary, right?! Don't be frightened, those are Jerusalem artichokes - AKA sunchokes. We had these once last year (maybe twice), and they are delicious. Last time I cooked them in a little butter on the stove, but I'm going to roast them this time around. 

Persimmons showed up for the first time ever. We've been purchasing a CSA box for exactly a year now, yet our farm keeps throwing surprises at us. I've never actually had a persimmon before, so I'm quite excited!

Finally, we got two onions, baby spinach, broccoli and celery. A fabulous week for organic treats!

Sunchokes - have you ever tried them?!

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