The Day I Met Tyler Florence

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Hello! I have so many thoughts to share regarding the Foodbuzz Festival. Point blank: one of the best weekends of my life. No joke.

I'll go into more details later, but the first item I want to discuss is this:

I was definitely feeling the excitement. Tyler Florence on the other hand? Well, he was concentrating on spelling my name correctly!

There we go! Smiles all around.

Tyler (yeah, we're on a first name basis now) made a surprise appearance at the Taste Pavilion on Saturday afternoon. 

I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, so I was able to meet him and receive a free, signed copy of his cook book, "Tyler Florence Family Meal." 

What a wonderful (and lucky!) day!

Have you ever met a celebrity chef?

I met Chef Art Smith back in June, and I semi-met Bobby Flay. Let me explain - I appeared on an episode of Throwdown (just as part of the crowd!) and was within feet of him, though we never actually talked!

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