Wonderful Weekend

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Hi, friends! How was your weekend?! Mine was busy with social events, and I loved every minute.

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I met up with some fellow Bay Area bloggers on Saturday. Major thanks to Courtney (over at Pancakes & Postcards) for organizing everything!

Evan and I headed back up to the city on Sunday for a friend's birthday.

With Drea - the birthday girl (and her photo!)

We were all set to watch the Blue Angels perform, but they were canceled due to the fog. It was actually a beautiful day in San Francisco, and it was only foggy during the time the show was to take place. Bummer!

Evan and I had dinner plans back in Palo Alto last night, so it was a quick trip to the city.

Emily and Sarah both attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with us (and Emily is actually my "big sister" in Chi Omega). They're both here for medical school rotations - love having friends in town!

We had Indian food at Darbar in Palo Alto, and it was delicious! I enjoyed the Aloo Makhani, and it was spicy! Loved every bite.

What was the best part of your weekend?!

I had such a great weekend, but college football ranks at the top of my list! The Cornhuskers pulled off an unbelievable win against Ohio State AND Stanford destroyed Colorado. Sweet!

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