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Hey, friends!

Hope your day went well! We dealt with some rain here in Silicon Valley, and I can't help but think the skies were somber because of the passing of Steve Jobs. It's such a weird feeling to be living in the community that he helped shape. He was a true visionary with a fascinating mind - it's crazy to think about how he created so much of the technology that is woven seamlessly into our everyday lives. 

It's hard to transition to food after mentioning Steve Jobs, so let's just move right along...

I thought I'd share some simple snacks and meals that I've been enjoying as of late. 

Smoothies! I'm not sure how much longer I'll be enjoying them now that it's getting cooler out but for now, I'm still loving them! 

Couscous with chickpeas, black olives, avocado and tomatoes. Everything is so flavorful that it doesn't require a dressing or any seasonings!

Yogurt with cottage cheese and a plum. I tried the combination of yogurt, cottage cheese and fruit at the bed & breakfast a few weeks ago and fell in love. How did I not know about this delicious combination earlier in life?!

Are you an Apple fan?!

I grew up in a Dell household and had a six-year-old Dell laptop until July of this year. Evan has always been obsessed with Apple products, and I jumped on the bandwagon once we got married! iPods, iPhones, iPads, MacBook Pros - yes, yes...we're definitely Apple fans!

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