Return of the Slow Cooker

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The smell of curry is currently filling our apartment thanks to my all-time favorite kitchen appliance.

Aww, yeah! Check out that sweet slow cooker!

I'm making a variation of this Vegetable Chickpea Curry, and I can hardly wait to dig in. We received great produce for a coconut curry in our CSA box this week, so I really had no choice but to bust out my slow cooker. 

Here's our produce for the week:

Carrots & Kale

Cherry Tomatoes

Green Beans

Green Peppers & Zucchini


For fruit we'll be enjoying plums, oranges and apples. Sadly, I think strawberry season has officially come to an end!

All the CSA veggies that I threw into the slow cooker for the curry: carrots, green peppers, green beans and potatoes. I love making meals that include so many of our CSA veggies!

I know some of you have asked if I ever buy produce at the grocery store. I almost always buy onions (though we do get them through our CSA every once in a while). For tonight's meal, it's only CSA veggies + one onion from the store. We also buy bananas every week. Other than that, I really try to plan our meals around the CSA vegetables.  

Do you like using a slow cooker for meals?!

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