Open Faced Sandwich

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This open-faced sandwich just might be my new favorite thing.

Listen to this:

Whole Wheat Bread (toasted)
Dijon Mustard
Roma Tomatoes
Fried Egg
Mozzarella Cheese

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemakers Program, I was chosen to taste-test Sargento cheese (I was sent a gift card to purchase the cheese - full disclaimer!).

I added on a slice of the Natural Mozzarella to my open faced sandwich. It was a delicious decision!

This sandwich literally exploded with flavors. Ok, not literally. But it was seriously SO good...and easy! I like easy meals. :)

Regarding my thoughts on Sargento cheese (and you know these are my own), I have to admit that you can really taste a difference compared to processed cheese. Sargento is all-natural. It tastes real because it is real!

By the way, I loved reading all your comments about the signs of autumn. They were getting me all excited for my favorite season!

What is your favorite sandwich?!

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