Half Moon Bay 10K

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I only mentioned it a few times on the blog during training, but yesterday I ran in a 10K race!

It was the inaugural Half Moon Bay International Marathon, and Evan and I both competed in the 10K. It was a wonderful experience, and we're both excited to keep racing! I'll get to the bling above in a bit...

Evan and I signed up for the race months ago but waited until about two weeks ago to make reservations in Half Moon Bay. With the race starting at 7:45am, we thought it'd be best to head to HMB on Saturday and spend the night.

The only room left in HMB was at a bed & breakfast (unless you count the Ritz-Carlton's remaining room for $799!). We decided to go with the b&b and stayed at The Zaballa House on historic Main Street.

The Zaballa House hosted wine and cheese on Saturday night, and we enjoyed meeting other couples who were staying there! I'd much rather stay at a bed & breakfast if given the option - it's a great way to meet interesting people plus there are little perks like wine and amazing breakfasts!

The marathon started at 7am on Sunday, so we got there early to cheer on those crazy people who run 26.2 miles! :)

Evan and I ran the first three miles of our 10K together, then he took off at his own speed. I felt great during the entire race, which surprised me since I only got up to 4.25 miles during training! 

I ran a 10K three years ago and finished in one hour and one minute - yesterday I finished in 56:50. Woohoo for improvement! 

There were 56 females who ran the 10K, and I was the 7th female finisher. I ended up winning my age division (20-29), that included five runners. This was a smaller race with a slower pace, but I'll take my plaque! 

After the race, coffee was a must! We stopped at the cutest coffee shop that doubles as a landscaping company and nursery! I ordered a caramel latte, and it was perfect.

I'm really excited to stick with running. Signing up for a race was great motivation, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere yesterday. Now I need to find another race, so my motivation continues!

Do you enjoy running?!

I used to think I didn't like it but looking back, I think it was because I was out of shape! Now that I've ran consistently for about three months, I'm really enjoying it (please realize that I don't consider myself an amazing runner - I do have a slower pace that is comfortable for me). It's nice to be able to just walk out the door and head out on a run to get exercise - a gym and equipment are not needed!

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