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When Evan and I decided that we'd be taking a trip to Santa Barbara, he signed up for group deals for the Santa Barbara area (we already get the Bay Area ones!). 

Each day a new deal would pop up in his inbox from Living Social and Groupon, and we would decide if we wanted to buy it. We knew we were going to have to eat on vacation, so why not pay a discounted price? This was a great way to try the best local places!

State Street, Santa Barbara

One deal that we purchased was $15 for $30 worth of food/drinks at Killer B's BBQ on State Street (a beautiful street filled with shops and restaurants galore!).

I started the meal with a Shock Top and enjoyed it while watching the Cornhuskers win their game on Saturday!

We split a BBQ platter: chicken, pulled pork, baked beans and macaroni & cheese. The baked beans were my favorite - delicious!

Can I go back?!

Before leaving on Monday, we used another deal for food at Bangkok Palace. Evan and I love Thai food, so we snatched this deal up immediately!

I ordered the lunch special which started with a side salad and coconut tofu soup. I need to recreate this soup here at home. Unbelievable.

For my main dish, I chose the Garlic & Pepper Tofu with steamed rice. Bangkok Palace is one of those hole-in-the-wall restaurants that is just truly amazing...and cheap! The lunch special was only $7.95.

Do you purchase Groupons and Living Social deals frequently?!

I purchased a yoga one back in January (still haven't used it!), and Evan got one for a wine bar in Half Moon Bay. I feel like they're great if you plan on buying the good/service anyway (like how we used them for vacation - knew we were going to purchase food no matter what) - but I think they can hurt your wallet if you buy useless ones just because they're a "deal" - if that makes sense!

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