Drunken Meal

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Hey, friends! 

Good news - I was able to find a fairly cheap battery charger for my camera on Amazon! With free two-day shipping, it will be here on Friday. I have a feeling I'll end up finding my original one once the new charger gets here - isn't that always how it works?!

This deliciously drunken meal was enjoyed last Friday night, and I just have to share it with you. I assure you that Evan and I were not actually drunk...but check out the alcohol that was represented:

Malbec, Vodka and Chardonnay!

Evan and I love Malbec - it's definitely my favorite red wine. We found this Septima Malbec 2009 on-sale for around $9 (it's originally $13 - so not expensive at all for a decent wine). It was delicious and paired well with our meal.

We made a simple pasta dish consisting of orecchiette,smoked apple chardonnay chicken sausage and black olives slathered in the vodka sauce. The flavors were wonderful! We added some roasted broccoli to complete the meal. Everything was just perfect.

I have to admit that Evan and I have been loving all the chicken sausage from Trader Joe's as of late. There are so many flavors, and the nutritional stats are pretty darn great. We still eat vegetarian meals the majority of the time, but I'm really enjoying the addition of chicken. As may know, I just eat what I crave. No labels for me!

Hope you all have a beautiful evening!

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