Beachside Breakfast

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While we enjoyed Cajun Kitchen for breakfast on both Saturday and Monday of our vacation to Santa Barbara, we broke away to the great outdoors for our breakfast on Sunday.

We grabbed some coffee and donuts from a little shop in Carpinteria and then headed to the beach to have breakfast. 

I know Evan could have stayed there all day - he just loves the ocean!

Could you imagine waking up and having breakfast on the beach every morning of your life? Evan and I hope to move closer to the coast some day (although we're only about 30 minutes away right now!) - coastal towns are just so fun!

What's your favorite kind of donut (if you're a fan!)?

I had a cake donut with vanilla frosting and shredded coconut during our vacation, and I loved it. Although my favorite kind is a good ol' Long John with maple frosting. Oh my gosh. I love maple frosting on donuts!

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