Yellow What?

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My husband is out of control when it comes to farm-fresh flowers.

That is just a statement. I am not complaining. Look at those beauties! 

Our organic produce this week was supposed to be a normal haul. Carrots, lettuce, strawberries - the usuals.

We also received some tomatoes and peaches - which are both so in season right now. 

We will be living on green beans for the next few days, as we got a huge bag of them!

We also got both cauliflower and broccoli this week.

But here's where it gets interesting...

Um, excuse me? Weird, yellow little veggies weren't on the list. However, cucumbers were and they were missing!!

Using my mad detective skills, I searched for "yellow cucumbers" on Google. I found out that they're actually called "lemon cucumbers," and I think they're rather cute. I've never had them before, so now I'm super excited about this week's box!

Lemon cucumbers - ever heard of them?! Be honest! :)

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