Raw Food + Meat

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Sunday was such a great day!

Evan made pancakes, which we topped with an agave/maple syrup blend and organic strawberries and raspberries. I also added chocolate chips because...well, is a reason necessary?!

We headed to the Palo Alto Farmers' Market to grab some grapes, garlic cheese (!) and a Raw Daddy cone. We shared a Thai Crunch, and it was delicious! And all raw - so cool!

We ran four miles, which we rocked! 35:55, my friends. It felt great! I had a smoothie post-run, and it was perfection.

We made a super simple dinner consisting of pasta, jalapeno chicken sausage, fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce and garlic cheese. So comforting!

Do you know my favorite thing about this post? I love that I had (and enjoyed!) raw food and chicken sausage in one day. For me, I eat what I crave - and while meat rarely makes an appearance in my life, I enjoy it when it does. I also love trying new things, and that raw food was just delicious. 

I'm a flexitarian, and I love it! 

Do you eat meat or are you a vegetarian? Any flexitarians out there like me?

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