Full of Winners

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Hey, all! Three cheers for this glorious Friday! This post is full of winners, as all the Stonyfield winners are list below!

But first...let's talk about this morning's winning breakfast (hehe!).

While I've been loving oat bran lately, I was excited to change it up this morning. I finally tried Coach's Oats!

I made a bid on this sweet prize package during The Great Fundraising Act and won. It was donated by Coach's Oats, and I got it in the mail yesterday. Of course I had to have oats for breakfast this morning!

Um, the texture of Coach's Oats are flippin' amazing. It's not mushy like regular oats can be -  instead they're nice and chewy. I topped mine with walnuts, strawberries, honey and coconut. Mmmm!

Hit. The. Spot.

Ok, let's announce the winners - all five of them! I really don't feel like taking screen shots of random.org five separate times...so just trust me that these are the winners! :)

- Ashley from The Vegetable Life
- Lindsay from Cotter Crunch
- Jane from Broccolini + Cheese
- Sarah from Yoga for Breakfast
- Liz from Something to Chew On

Congrats, all! 
Send your mailing address to: 

Major thanks to Stonyfield for hosting this giveaway!

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?!

Well, considering Evan makes the best breakfasts for us on the weekends, I'm excited for that!

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