Flower Shortage

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No sense beating around the bush - today is Tuesday, so let me show you our Community Supported Agriculture produce for the week!

I'm sure you're expecting to see flowers since I've been starting these CSA posts with them for the past two months....

I arrived at our pick-up location and found that Evan had, indeed, ordered flowers. Unfortunately, our farm had a shortage of flowers, so there were none to be found. We already paid the $4 for them, but that's all part of the CSA experience. Obviously I'm a little sad that we don't have fresh flowers in our apartment this week, but I'm not upset with our farm. That's just the way it is!

We got strawberries, pluots and raspberries - just like last week. No golden raspberries this time!

Celery, broccoli and tomatoes. I plan on making soup tomorrow and incorporating that beautiful celery!

Rainbow chard - love the colors!

Green beans again (I'm all about roasting green beans!).

And finally we got potatoes and zucchini.

Some of you were wondering about that garlic cheese that I mentioned yesterday...

I probably should have taken a picture before digging in! Anyway, we bought this at the Palo Alto Farmers' Market on Sunday - Garlic Jack from Spring Hill Jersey Cheese, which is located in Petaluma, CA. 

This cheese is...amazing. It's a softer cheese packed with huge garlic flavor. 

It's wonderful on top of some Wheat Crisps from Trader Joe's, which taste exactly like Wheat Thins - and they probably are!

Are you a fan of cheese?! What's your favorite kind?

I like ALL kinds of cheese. Trader Joe's sells two of my favorites: Toscano with Cinnamon and White Stilton with Dried Apricots. Mmm! The garlic cheese now ranks up there!

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