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Yesterday I spent $50 on oatmeal. Definitely the most expensive oatmeal I have ever purchased, but it was for a great cause.

I do not know Susan. In fact, I had never even read her blog, The Great Balancing Act, until recently. But you know what? She's 25-years-old and was recently diagnosed with cancer.

The Great Fundraising Act, hosted by Janetha, raised over $25,000 for Susan's medical expenses. What a beautiful blogging community filled with generous and supportive people. I wish Susan nothing but good vibes and prayers as she fights cancer.

Community Supported Agriculture

I just picked up our CSA produce for this week and am excited to share it with you!

Gorgeous, right?! I'm excited for the yellow ones to bloom!

Check out those ginormous peaches. I can't wait to have one of those with my breakfast tomorrow morning.

It's no surprise that we got strawberries again this week - no complaints! I was also happy to see the return of grapefruit. We got grapefruit a lot in January and February, and then it sort of disappeared. I'm definitely going to introduce a grapefruit to my new juicer!

We got some great leafy greens this week: dino kale, lettuce and spinach (I forgot to snap a pic!).

That, my friends, is fresh basil! I'm going to be using it tonight in a new recipe - hope it turns out. :)

And finally, we received cucumbers, carrots and zucchini. 

Well, I need to finish some nonprofit work and then squeeze in a workout before dinner. Hope you've been having a great Tuesday - enjoy your night!

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