No-Bake Choco-PB Cookies

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I was a ravenous beast the other night and craving something sweet! When I stumbled upon this recipe for No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies, I just couldn't get to the kitchen fast enough.

Apparently in my quest to satisfy my sweets craving, I skimmed over the recipe/completely read it wrong.

Once I was done melting the butter, I kept it on the stove while adding the remaining ingredients. Mine don't look like Jenna's - her chocolate chips stayed chocolate chips, whereas mine completed melted.

Melted into a delicious warm chocolate sauce!

So technically, yes, this was a kitchen fail. But my goodness - what a delicious fail these were. Mmm!

Head on over to Eat Live Run for the recipe (or at least to see what they're actually supposed to look like!).

Has a "kitchen fail" ever turned out in your favor?!

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