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So I have to do a little bragging before I get into this week's CSA produce post. I actually got up this morning and headed to the gym with Evan before work! If you know me, you know how hard of a time I have waking up. We're talking multiple snooze button sessions. It felt great to finish my workout early in the day! 

Ok, CSA produce + flowers time!

Surprise, surprise. Evan added on an order of flowers again. What a guy!

I love that coral color - so pretty.

This week's haul is a good one. Although...when is it not?!

Nectarines: should I make this pancake treat again? I think so!

Of course some strawbs - this week's are really shiny!

We also got some carrots and cauliflower (and some plums that are hiding in there).

This zucchini is literally bigger than my arm. Goodness, gracious.

And finally, we received celery, cucumbers and broccoli. 

Tell me a summer vegetable you're loving right now!

I can't get enough cucumbers - so refreshing and crisp!

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