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Um, hello?! Remember me? Y'all...I had such a fabulous holiday weekend. Starting at noon on Friday, I did not turn on my computer until this morning...hence no blog posts since Thursday!

Evan and I played 18 holes of golf on Friday, went shopping on Saturday, headed to the beach on Sunday and hiked 4 miles on Monday. A jam-packed weekend that was absolutely glorious. Hope yours was just as great!

Another Tuesday means another CSA post, so here we are again. I must say that Evan is becoming a creature of habit...

Yet another flower bouquet. That man is on a roll!

Of course we got strawberries this week - I can't remember the last time we didn't get them!

The usual suspects as of late: zucchini, oranges, green beans, potatoes and plums.

We did receive one vegetable for the first time today!

Cucumbers! I adore cucumbers, so I'm excited to slice one up later tonight. They're pictured alongside some carrots that have been added to the 28 lbs. that we already have in the fridge...

We also got some broccoli and spinach that went unpictured. I did use some of that spinach to whip up a smoothie earlier this afternoon.

I didn't measure anything but the ingredients included: baby spinach, orange juice, plain Greek yogurt, vanilla protein powder, frozen banana slices, frozen mango and frozen blueberries. 

It was a great smoothie that helped put an end to my weekend indulgences. We're talking cupcakes, fries, pizza, potato chips, ice cream, wine, beer, popsicles...ya know, all that delicious stuff!

Hope you had a great weekend!

What was the best thing you ate over the weekend?

I'll have to go with a Key Lime cupcake from Sprinkles...or some caramel butter pecan ice cream I had after spending an afternoon at the beach!

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