Beach & Burgers

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Hey, friends! Hope you're making the most of this Monday!

Thanks so much for your sweet comments about our adorable little niece - she's pretty darn fun! You know how I said that my sister is pregnant, so Garrison will be getting a little brother soon? Well, Bryn is also pregnant, so Elyse will get a sibling in January! This is such an exciting time for our families - Evan and I love being an aunt and uncle!

We headed to Half Moon Bay on Saturday and had a great time at the beach!

While it was cloudy, the weather was actually pretty perfect. There was absolutely no wind - which is odd for being right by the ocean!

Elyse got a little camera shy and wouldn't look at me - but she was having a great time playing in the sand!

We stopped at Trader Joe's beforehand to pick up some picnic items (bread, deli meat, cheese, chips, etc). I had a cheese sandwich with mustard - brings back some great childhood memories. I lived on cheese sandwiches growing up!

After getting home from the beach, I whipped up some black bean burgers courtesy of Eat Live Run

Elyse loved the burgers! The avocados were a different story - hence the piece just sitting on the table. :)

I also made an easy green bean recipe that I found in a Trader Joe's cook book.

Take two bags (8 0z. each) of haricot verts - boil them for about 7-8 minutes. Drain the water, then add in some chili/corn salsa and top with feta cheese. They were great!


Well, I'm going to head out on a 3-mile run. I haven't worked out in a while - between Nebraska and having family out here, life has been a little hectic. I think things have returned to normal, so I'm excited to get back to my 10K training!

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