Bakery Breakfast

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Good morning! Are you enjoying your Sunday?!

Evan and I just got back from Trader Joe's. We like to go early on Sunday mornings because there are no crowds. In and out. Easy peasy!

I wanted to share yesterday's breakfast with you - it was too good to go unnoticed! We walked to Palo Alto Baking Company. I've had their food at various work events, but this was Evan's first time.

Evan got a Sticky Bun (on the left), and I rolled with a Walnut Spiral. So buttery. So delicious.

We also shared a quiche - mmm!

Evan kept it simple with a plain coffee, but I was feeling something different. Check out that chai was amazing. 

We loved being able to start our day with a walk. It's so refreshing to leave the car at home - we're blessed to have so many stores within walking distance of our apartment!

Hope you have a beautiful day. :)

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