Two Years Ago Today

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...I married my best friend.


I'm still just as excited about being Evan's wife as I was the day I married him!

I remember every aspect of our wedding - especially the moment when I was in my dressing room and slipping on my dress...there was a knock at the door.

I opened the door to find a vase of a dozen roses for me, and a single rose in a small vase for each of my bridesmaids. Evan is an extremely thoughtful person, but I still can't believe he did that! 

The ceremony flew by, and our pastor did an amazing job. It was filled with serious moments, and ones that had us all laughing.


In what seemed like a matter of minutes, it was time to party!


I loved our decorations for the reception - classy but extremely fun and full of color. The little orange and pink bags at the table settings were our wedding favor...


We had a candy buffet for our guests and besides snacking on it all night long, they could also fill up the bags to take home. I have a raging sweet tooth, so candy at the reception was a must!


We devoured the raspberry cream cake and enjoyed raspberry champagne (I told you Evan loves raspberries!).


Our Best Man gave a hilarious speech - and Evan has the chance to top it at his wedding coming up in a few weeks. Watch out, Chad! :)


Evan gave a sincere toast - thanking our families for all that they've done for us and all of our friends for being there and celebrating the start of our marriage. 

My Chi Omega sorority sisters serenaded me - it was beautiful!


People were on the dance floor the entire night. It was such a fun wedding!

Sometimes I can't believe that God brought Evan and I together early in our lives (we started dating when we were 20). I know 22 seems so young to get married, but it's exactly what we wanted and knew this was His plan. 

But believe me...

We're really just two crazy kids still figuring out this thing called life. It's comforting having Evan as my partner in this beautiful adventure. 

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Evan!!

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