Repeat Offender

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I mentioned a few weeks ago about how I tend to repeat a meal over and over again if I like it. For instance, for breakfast I had a bowl of Greek yogurt, granola and chia seeds for like 3 months straight!

This week though? I'm all about this salad beast!

First of all, you should know that our bowls are deep. This was so darn heavy!

I had this same combination on Monday and Tuesday for dinner...and I can tell you that I'm about to make myself another delicious salad tonight!

I'm not the biggest fan of plain lettuce salads. But when there are loads of fun mix-ins involved, I just can't resist having one. 

This was so filling from the quinoa and chickpeas with a bit of saltiness from the black olives and pickles and sweetness from the strawberries. The pistachios provided a nice little crunch.

Plus it also featured my new favorite salad dressing from Trader Joe's.

I discovered this last week, and I'm almost out! It has a nice little zing to it.

Here's a list of ingredients for the salad:

Quinoa (cooked in low-sodium veggie broth, then refrigerated)
Black Olives

The perfect combination of flavors! I'm off to enjoy one another one of these salads now...

Are you a fan of salads? What's your favorite thing to add to them?

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