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I met Chef Art Smith today! He's the former personal chef of Oprah Winfrey and a two-time James Beard Foundation Award winner. He's so charming in person - I just had to get a picture with him!

I was invited to attend a "forklifting" (ground-breaking ceremony) for a new brand, LYFE Kitchen. The first LYFE Kitchen will be opening in Palo Alto, CA, in August. 

Here's the main concept behind LYFE Kitchen: healthy, delicious, affordable food with all entrees coming in under 600 calories. In my mind, I'm envisioning this as healthy fast food!

Chef Art Smith and Chef Tal Ronnen, a vegan and vegetarian chef, have teamed up to create wholesome food options that use responsibly-sourced ingredients that are local whenever possible. 

They had a food demo:

Chef Smith was preparing a chicken, brussels sprouts and butternut squash dish - yum!

LYFE Kitchen will feature meat, vegetarian and vegan options. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads, appetizers, desserts, smoothies and coffee will all be served. It seems like they have everything covered!

I originally thought this was just a restaurant brand, but I found out today that they'll be hitting grocery store shelves in the next few months with soups, breakfast options and the like. 

Their leadership team and ambassadors spoke about what LYFE means to them and their hope for bringing healthy food to people across America. Janet Evans, a 5-time Olympic medalist, is their Mom Ambassador. She said she's looking forward to taking her husband and two children to LYFE, knowing they'll enjoy the food and appreciate that it's good for them.

Those are actually peppers, not flowers!

The people behind LYFE Kitchen are extremely passionate about healthy food and leading a healthy life. It was inspiring to hear them say that they truly believe that are going to transform the way Americans eat.

Being a nonprofit employee, I was excited to hear that LYFE will be donating to local nonprofit organizations in Palo Alto and supporting our community.

The "forklift" concluded the event - such a fun idea!

I was able to snag some swag before I left...

A t-shirt and sweet USB!

Trust me, I'm in no way connected to LYFE Kitchen - I was just invited to attend the event. The fact that I am truly excited for LYFE to open in Palo Alto is completely my own opinion. :)

Do you think healthy "fast food" will catch on in America?

I honestly hope it does. I hope LYFE Kitchen will be able to educate America on healthy food and help them make healthier decisions. Maybe people will learn about local produce options in their area through LYFE. Also, I know a quinoa and farro dish is on the menu - how cool would it be if those words became normal in our everyday conversations?!

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