Fun News + Refreshing Combo

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I have some fun news to share!

Last night tickets went on sale for the 3rd Annual Healthy Living Summit. I became familiar with HLS last year when I started reading numerous food, fitness and healthy lifestyle blogs. Basically HLS is a weekend conference for "Bloggers for a Balanced Lifestyle." Various bloggers will be holding workshops and panels - some topics include "Writing a Better Recipe" and "Budgeting for a Healthy Lifestyle." 

Tickets sold out, and I'm excited that I was able to snag one. I haven't figured out the details, and I may end up selling my ticket if I can't find a great deal on a flight. Right now, flights from San Francisco to Philadelphia are pretty darn we'll see!

I took today off from work for various reasons. With those two events last weekend and hosting company, I'm super exhausted. Evan actually finished the quarter yesterday (Stanford runs on the quarter system, not semesters), so he's finally done with projects and papers for a bit. We decided to enjoy the day together and get our life back in order!


That, my friends, is a winning yogurt bowl combination - super refreshing and perfect for breakfast.

Lemon Chobani, organic strawberries and peanut butter-honey granola (recipe to come!). 
I'm such a fan of the lemon/strawberry combination. In college I used to love the lemon sorbet from Coldstone with strawberries mixed in - delicious!

Have you ever attended a blogging conference?

If I end up going to HLS (fingers crossed!), it will be my first. I'm for sure going to Foodbuzz in San Francisco in November - so excited!

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