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Thanks so much for your recommendations regarding flights to Philadelphia. I really hope I can find a reasonable flight, so I can make it to the Healthy Living Summit. I would love to meet so many of you in person!
Today is Tuesday, so let's dive right in to this week's Community Supported Agriculture post!

Our farm not only offers organic produce but also fresh wildflowers and organic eggs. We've only purchased the produce box...until today!

Evan is in charge of placing the order for our produce each week, and he surprised me and added on an order of flowers. I love them!

Gorgeous, right?!

While the flowers definitely stole the show today, we also received a new fruit for the first time!

The best cherries I have ever tasted...hands down.

Seriously? We got cherries, raspberries AND strawberries all in one week. That's like the trifecta of summer fruit!

We also got some funky-looking zucchini (yum!) and some bright purple onions.

The beets are so, so big this week!

Rather large, wouldn't you say?!

The usual suspects rounded out our box: carrots, lettuce, oranges and baby spinach. I think this week's selection might be the best yet!

What is your favorite fruit to eat during the summer?!

I'm a huge fan of berries, but I also love watermelon - it's the quintessential summer fruit!

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