California Saturday

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Today has felt like the quintessential Saturday in California!

I woke up and headed downtown to the Palo Alto Farmer's Market. While I wanted to grab every fruit and vegetable that was available, I knew that our CSA produce from this week is still in abundance. I resisted almost everything - but did purchase some essential items.

I knew I wanted to get breakfast at the farmers' market, so after sampling a white nectarine, I purchased two of them. I sliced one up this morning and enjoyed it with an apple turnover. 

Can you see the sugar that has caramelized on top? Oh, it was just delicious!

Early this afternoon, I decided to head out on one my favorite running/hiking routes. It's 6.6 miles in total, and it felt great today. I have some pictures that Evan took on this same route back in the fall when we did it at a leisurely pace - can't really take my camera on a run!

When that's the view, trust me...the 6.6 miles tend to fly!

I wish every single one of you could experience this beautiful summer weather here in Northern California. It's just gorgeous! I also like that I have easy access to trails and hiking routes, yet I'm in the heart of Silicon Valley. This place has everything, and I never want to leave!

Hope you had a wonderful day, friends!

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