Zesty Zucchini

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Hey, all! How's your Tuesday? Mine has been going well - busy though! After work I hit up Whole Foods to get some much needed chia seeds (post coming soon for those who have asked about them!). I then went to Bare Escentuals to stock up on moisturizer and foundation. I just got back from getting our Community Supported Agriculture produce box, and finally...after I hit publish I'm heading out for a run to enjoy this weather. Whew!

So let's take a look at our fruit and veggies for this week.

Dinosaur kale, yams and strawberries. I am NOT getting sick of the strawbs - they are just perfect.


Carrots, broccoli and potatoes.

Zucchini and oranges (and a boatload of baby spinach & lettuce that I forgot to photograph!).

Ok, I need your help! When I had an abundance of carrots a few months ago, y'all suggested your favorite ways to prepare them and shared your recipes. Now I need your suggestions for zucchini! I'm making a zucchini lasagna tomorrow, but I'll still have a lot left over. I've made muffins and brownies - but do you have any recipes to share?!

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