Please Don't Make Fun of Me

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Hey! I'm am LOVING all your favorite goodies from Trader Joe's! And to those who don't have a TJ's in their city, y'all should start a campaign to bring one. It would seriously be worth it!

Evan and I have plans to go to the Stanford baseball game later tonight. He gets free admission since he's a student, and I get reduced admission ($5) - super cheap entertainment! I'm going to make a new recipe for dinner (which includes black beans & yams), and we'll have that before the game. Right now, I'm currently enjoying one of my favorite snacks.

Dill pickles and cottage cheese! Please don't make fun of me - it's delicious, I swear!

Mmm. Love it.

Do you have any weird food combinations? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

Hope you have a great Friday night!

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