Grow, Little Garden!

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Technically, we don't have an actual garden (oh hey, balcony!). But we did plant some seeds in two planters that Evan built, so I'm just going to call them my little garden!

Pretty cool, right? We found some plastic planters at the hardware store, but they looked super cheap. The wooden ones they had for sale were super expensive. We reached a happy medium when Evan decided to purchase some cedar two-by-fours and make them himself! 

We planted beets and radishes in one planter, and jalapenos and onions in the other. We did all of this Saturday afternoon, and the radishes have already cracked the soil from their growth! You can just barely see green leaves sprouting up - it's rather exciting!

Our apartment complex held a gardening party a few weeks ago, so we were able to take home a small dill plant. I wish I would have taken a picture when we first got it. It's completely out of control now - so big!

I also picked out this pretty plant when we were buying vegetable seeds. I wanted something pretty on our balcony! I've never heard of this before but check out the name of the mix. It's obvious as to why I picked this one. :)

I love it!

I'm so excited for our vegetables to grow, but I must be patient. The radishes will be done first (harvest time is 23 days). The beets will be ready in 55 days from planting, onions in 60-100 days and the peppers will be good to go in 70 days. I'll be sure to post pictures of their progress!

Have you ever planted vegetables?! Any tips?

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